Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings #2

*First things first!  I'm a guest blogger on Craft Goodies today.  I'm so excited to be featured.  Thanks again, Wendy!  I shared my Peanut Butter & Jelly Mini Cupcakes.  Be sure to go check out Wendy's awesome blog. 

*Somehow I have been doing more cooking then crafting lately.  Which is weird.  I have never really liked to cook but I'm starting to think about recipes and getting excited to try new things.  Like tonight, I'm going to attempt to make homemade crab rangoons.  I'm addicted to crab rangoons from the local Chinese take out and I'm spending way too much money on them, not to mention the calories.  I'm hoping these ones turn out well, if they do I will share a post on them.

*I gave the Tutu to little girl.  She looked adorable in it.  The 17 inch waist was way too big like I feared but I fixed the situation and she looked so cute in it.  I can't wait to make another tutu.

*I bought some plates and cups for Marc's 30th Birthday party.  I really need to get motivated and send out invites, I think I'm doing email ones and get the rest of the stuff for the party.  I have set a goal to start his burlap banner this week.  I also bought the burlap that I'm going to use as a table covering.  I hope it turns out like the vision I have in my head.  I wanted something more boy oriented and not girly for his party and I hope the burlap achieves that and still looks good.

*I haven't solved my couch covering problem yet.  I really need to do something before the party.  Eeek.  I also want to refresh my curtains somehow.  My mom suggested a ribbon valance, so I have to think about that.  I'm just worried all the ribbon will cost a small fortune.

*Speaking of small fortunes....Marc & I are doing a modified "No Buy March".  If you haven't heard of this before, basically you aren't supposed to spend any money. Obviously, we need to buy groceries and gas each week but that's it.  I say we are doing a modified one because we have made a few exceptions.  Like $100 to spend towards Marc's birthday party, I need to get a haircut this month and $25 to Target if we need any miscellaneous house things.  We have been working hard to pay off our debt and we are doing a good job but we are still spending frivalous money and we need to stop.  I want to save more and get the debt paid off asap.  It's going be VERY challenging for me, especially not spending any money on crafts but I do have a HUGE HUGE HUGE supply of things that I can do.  This will force me to use up some of my supplies.  We have also set a grocery budget of $250 for the entire month, which will include any food take-out.  We need to stop spending whatever we want and have more structure.  I think it will be good for our wallet and good for our health.

*Last musing for this Monday, if anyone is interested in blog swaps or guests posts, please email me!  I have a contact button on my sidebar.


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Congrats on being a guest blogger! I love your blog design, it is so cute. Btw I am a new follower on GFC, I hope you follow me back!

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Hi Leslie!
I'm a new follower of yours and good luck with the Ad apace giveaway at Mommy Does...! I love to guest post or swap buttons and write a Sponsor Spotlight of the Button Swapper. It free! So, what better way to get your name out there? Haha. Well It's a great alternative for me at this time.

mskanorado said...

Thanks for coming by my blog sweet friend! I, too, have been cooking more than crafting lately. I'm unsure of what a blog swap is - but am interested in some more info if you wanna give it! ;) Have a lovely evening!

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I am a new follower...I make some amazing baked crab rangoons!!

I cannot wait to try your pb & k cupcake recipe.

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