Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mod Podge Photo Frame

I'm so excited to be posting my first project!

My inspiration for this project came from this sweet little photo frame.  These frames were actually the favors from my bridal shower back in 2008.  I still have one of these frames on my desk at work and I was looking at it last week and a lightbulb went off, I can totally make one of these myself!
Supplies Needed:
Mod Podge
Scrapbook Paper of your choice
Glue for Ribbon - I used tacky glue, you could use a glue gun as well
 Paint brush
 Photo frame. 
 I found this one at the Dollar Tree.  It was just a plain white one, not quite wood, not quite plastic.
 When I use Mod Podge, I put a little on the back of the paper to secure it then go over it on the top as well.  For this section of paper, I put the paper on in pieces.  I didn't exacly love the way it turned out and wish I had just done one big piece like I did with the other paper.  I let this first section dry a bit before doing the second section of paper.  I eyeballed the halfway point of where the papers would meet, knowing that the ribbon would overlap the meeting edges.
 After the first section of paper dried, I started on the second.  I cut out one big piece for this section, especially because of the pattern.  When I did this I folded the edges before I started doing any Mod Podge to make sure the paper was big enough.  Then I started the Mod Podge.
As you can see in this picture I just covered the opening and then cut slits to fold over and glue the edges.
 I let the frame dry overnight and then put my ribbon on.  As you can see, I changed ribbons after the frame was dry.  The ribbon in the supplies picture was too thick I thought so I went with a thinner ribbon. I just wish the blue was a bit darker.

I have to tell you about the drama I had after I made this.  First off, my cat Ruby decided to run off with my ribbon without me knowing it and swallow about 3 feet of it before I noticed.  Oy.  Then I went to put the glass back into the frame, I dropped it and of course it shattered all over the place.  Double Oy. 

So please excuse the lack of pictures and glass in my frame.  I figured projects are not always perfect so I'd share the mishaps along with the good. 
Both frames together.
I think it turned out pretty cute and I can't wait to print off some pictures for the frame and of course get some new glass.

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@April - Thank you! I will be there.

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YellowBirdDayBook said...

CUTE! Thanks for being honest about the mishaps...it seems like something always happens like that when I craft. I have 2 cats, so that should be explanation enough. LOL

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Looks Like you are off to a good start, thanks for playing in the blog hop with us!


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Very very cute.
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That's cute. I love Mod Podge!!! Two of my favorite decoupaged projects are my monogrammed canvas and my clipboards.

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