About Me

My name is Leslie and I'm really excited to be starting a craft/recipe/DIY/etc blog.

I'm 29, married to the wonderful Marc, work at a bank doing customer service behind the scenes work, love all things Disney especially traveling to Orlando and being at Disney World  and of course I love to be crafty.
Me @ Disney January 2011

Marc & I at our June 28, 2008 Wedding.  

We had a very do it yourself wedding.  My mom made my dress, Marc & I made our centerpieces, seating chart, a very special guest book, invitations and response cards.  Pretty much everything or so it seemed at the time.  

Another very important aspect of my life is that I had gastric banding surgery on August 26, 2009.  I've lost a little over 80lbs since then.  If you don't know about gastric banding and would like to know more click this link.  Marc also had the surgery on November 11, 2009 and he has lost about 120lbs.  I also have a blog related to my weight loss surgery and my struggles with weight loss.  
Click here, Band Sweet Band if you'd like to read more about that.  

Marc & I at Disney, September 2010

Why did I start this blog?
Any ability I have to  craft and create came from my Mom.  She is super awesome at creating things from curtains, to Halloween costumes to Wedding dresses.  She really can do anything she sets her mind too.  I grew up watching her craft & create and I've got the bug now.  I've been in awe of all the craft blogs I've found on the web and if I can be just 10% as talented and creative, then I will be a very happy girl.   I plan to make this a blog about my home life, which means cooking, decorating, home improvement projects and just about any craft project I come across that appeals to me.  Some of the things I like to do are cross stitch, crochet, scrapbook, decoupage and many others!

That being said I have a list of projects that I'm attempting to finish so I can post about them!  
I look forward to reading your blogs and hope you enjoy mine as well!