Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Musings.

Welcome to the very first edition of Monday Musings!

My brain is constantly jumbled with 101 different things.  I figure that my blog is a good place to put down all those ideas that are craft/party/recipe/etc related.  Monday Musings is going to be a list of everything that I'm thinking about or in the middle of creating.  As a huge fan of lists and this is an awesome way for me to have all of my thoughts and ideas in one place instead of in 50 different notebooks, various post it note strewn around my house or my personal favorite one word scrap pieces of paper that I can never decipher on what I was trying to remember. 

This is what is percolating in my brain this fine Monday morning...
  • Marc's 30th Birthday Party.  That's right, my husband is turning the big 3-0.  We decided to have a party for "our" generation, meaning his cousins and friends.  We are leaving the older generation out for one very good reason, our house is way too small for the 66 people we would have had to invite.  I'm going to also have a little dinner with my parents and his parents so that we can celebrate the big day with them as well.  I love our theme idea....MUSTACHE BASH!  How fun!  I've gotten some really good ideas so far cruising the internet.  I have an awesome idea for his invitations but I'm still working that out  a bit so stay tuned.  We are having a mustache contest for best real or fake mustache or as I like to call them, "lip sweaters".  The prize is going to be a set of mustache glasses, so that when you drink out of them it appears as though you have a mustache.  I have the glasses, I just need to get the paint and a mustache stencil. 
  • My First Blog Craft Project.  It's almost done!  It's a photo frame and that is all I'm saying!  I have two more pictures to take of it and hopefully I will post it tonight or tomorrow.
  • My Ugly Couch.  I hate my couch, I loathe my couch, I don't even sit on my couch.  It's an ugly brown thing, the recliners don't work anymore so we don't use them.  I'm looking for an affordable (CHEAP!) way to cover this and make it look halfway decent before Marc's party in April.  Slip covers are super expensive and I hate spending almost $100 on that.  Any good ideas out there?
  • Cupcakes.  Marc has requested cupcakes with peanut butter frosting for his birthday party and I was thinking that they would taste delicious with a jelly filling.  I have to try to find a recipe for this or how you do a cupcake with a filling.  My Cupcake Wars viewing on the Food Network has not covered this.  Hehehe.
There you have it, just a few of the thoughts rumbling in my brain.  I'd appreciate any feedback you can provide!


Amanda said...

I do a chocolate cupcake with a rasberry filling. I basically make the cupcakes, take a small knife or spoon and cup out a small hole, add a good quality jam and then put the lib back on the hole. I ice them in some fancy spiral design. I get a million compliments every time I do them. I am not a good baker but these are a hit!

YellowBirdDayBook said...

A mustache party sounds so fun! I just saw one where they made them out of chocolate. I can't remember where, but I'm sure if you google it.

You may want to look into IKEA if you have one close. You may be able to get a new couch for the price of a slip cover. I've heard they are pretty good quality too.

Leslie said...

@ Amanda - I'm thinking of a chocolate raspberry cupcake and maybe with a cream cheese frosting or something. I like peanut butter but it's not always y thing so I'd like another flavor for the party.

@YellowBirdDayBook - I'm having a lot of fun planning the mustache party. Chocolate mustaches sound yummy on top of the cupcakes! I will have to look into that. I have never been to IKEA, I will have to check that out.

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