Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living Room Revamp

I live in the top half of a house that was built in the late 1800's.  It's OLD.  When we first moved in about a year ago, we did A LOT of work, we painted all of the rooms, put sticky tiles down in the kitchen, painted the kitchen cabinets, replaced the cabinet hardware and even did a tile back splash.  We do rent, so we have tried to use minimal amount of $$ since we won't be taking a lot of this stuff with us we do move.  Trust me, I plan to live here as long as possible.  I hate moving. 

The entire apartment was a dark dungeon before we worked our painting magic.  Paneling all over the place, dark wood floors that are awesome in theory but are so old that there are huge cracks and in the winter they are VERY cold.  I loved our living room when we first moved in but the last month or so I have wanted to do something different.  My mom came down this weekend and helped me. 

The first thing that is new is the carpet.  My husband works at Lowes part-time and was able to score an awesome deal on a carpet.  He and his brother laid it down about two weeks ago.  It doesn't cover our whole living room but it looks great and much better than the smaller area rug we had before.

I bought a new couch cover from Collections Etc for about $35.  Not too shabby.  I think it looks pretty darn good!  As you can see, our kitty Sully approves. 
You can also see the new carpet.  I just love it, so cushy!
We recently moved our computer and desk into the living room, it was in the bedroom before and I hated being in there isolated if Marc was in the living room.  The only thing was our desk was UGLY.

My mom helped to solved that by whipping up a desk cover!  Doesn't it look awesome?  I would have never thought of this idea.
Then I needed a little decorative something in the space above the desk.  We thought about tissue poms, a light but ultimately decided upon a little piece of artwork.

I bought the collage frame from the Christmas Tree Shop for $7.99, a few pieces of scrapbook paper and black poster board for the little birds.  I just love decorating with birds. 
This was super easy to make.  I just cut the scrapbook paper to size, found a bird template online, cut the birds out.  I did coat them in modpodge to make them a little bit more shiny and VOILA, your very own art.

I love the new little corner in my living room.
The chair you see in this picture is going to have the same pattern cover as the couch.  I ordered it once I saw how perfect the couch looks, hopefully I will get it early next week.

I think I have some before pictures at home but I forgot to email them to myself at work and I wanted to get this posted today.  I'll try to find them for a later post.
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Amanda said...

Looks great!!! Love the desk cover too!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Very cute! We have a room that color too and I love it! Janae

Jessica said...

ummmm LOVE IT! I especially love the way you arranged the pictures! so cute! And I love the birdy pics! I love everything! LOL


come visit me :)

Liberty said...

LOVE the birds and the placement of the frames. It would definitely make me happy if I got to walk in my living room and see this everyday. :)

Sarah said...

Love the birds! I am your newest follower from www.feelinlikescrap.com

Leanne said...

I love your desk area. The skirt around the desk is so cute and I love the collage. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

Its Sew For You said...

So cute, i love it!
Thanks for linking up with http://itssewforyou.blogspot.com

DANA said...

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