Monday, March 14, 2011

Guest Blogger Kristina from A Perfect Dose of Life

Let's all give a WARM welcome to Kristina from a perfect dose of life!!

I'm so honored that Leslie has asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog and actually take over my blog responsibilities on my blog and doing a post there! The beauty of a blog swap, and I will say I'm thrilled to be here visiting. Life is a funny thing! It's not perfect, and the most beautiful thing is it isn't supposed to be. There is the beautiful things in life such as love, blessings, friendships and family, births and weddings, and there is the things that aren't as beautiful, frustrations, hurt, pain, and all that other drab stuff. I believe there is the bad to make us appreciate the good, the beautiful and make us just a bit more grateful for what we do have. That is what my blog seems to be about.I have been a blogger since 2007, and to be honest, up until eh...the latter part of 2010 I really didn't get out into the blog world to experience all that there is to be experienced and boy was I missing out! Never did I know what the blog-o-sphere was truly like and what an awesome community there is out here, and way awesome friends I would make all around the world along the way.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Kristina, and my blog is a perfect dose of life.

I'm married to an awesome man, Ryan, and we have 5 fur-children (2 dogs -Rudy and Wyatt, and 3 cats-Leo, Leah and Link). No, 2 legged-children running around just yet, but they are in our future, God willing. I was born and raised in Kansas, moved to Colorado to be with Ryan (he is from CO) in 2006 after a 10 month long distance relationship. We moved back to Kansas in August 2010, to see what life would be like in Kansas and if we would indeed like life in Kansas - we would never have to wonder 'what if', if we truly found out. Well, needless to say, its a goal to get back to CO before too long. But I'm blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

I would be lying if I said my blog was about just one thing, unless I describe that one thing as life. Simply put. That's exactly what my blog is about. The good, the bad, lessons I've learned as a woman, a wife, etc. I have a few series that I have that I go through here and there rotating around my blog (quote of the week, someday I will, thoughts of today, wordless wednesday virtual coffee) but I won't tell you they are every single week, because well...that wouldn't be the truth. I have weeks that they are every week and other weeks...well, not on the blog roll. That's life. I am starting a new series called, Ask the Chef, featuring my co-star in life (aka Hubby), who is a trained chef, that one may be weekly - we shall see. Anywhooo....My blog is full of life. Wellness and Health stuff, because I'm a massage therapist and wellness coach, recipes, music, features, etc. I participate in blog hopping here and there, too. So, like I said before it can't be described about anything but a blog about life, and honestly I like it that way. I like having guest posts, and I'll have an occasional giveaway here and there or a discount for this company or that one. My blog is far from a giveaway or a review blog though, nor will it ever be a fashion blog. Although I enjoy fashion blogs, mine will not be one of them. I am not a fan of photos of myself nor am I one that I would necessarily call fashionable, so not really my cup of tea. I'm typically that blogger that if you participate on my blog and we make friends, I tend to mention you in my post to get more people over to you because I value you. ;)

I love people, the great outdoors, cooking, my favorite season is fall, although I do like a night out I'm really more of a home-body and I think that's quite alright. I would much rather a night in with the hubby. I work too much, and don't get paid nearly enough, but I just remember this job is just temporary. I blog for me, and if someone likes my blog even better, but even if I lost all of my followers tomorrow, I would still keep on blogging. I love photography, drawing and painting - really just being creative, there is so much beauty in the world! I swam with the dolphins on our honeymoon and absolutely fell in love with them, so if I ever disappear I might be off becoming a dolphin trainer, you just never know.
I love laughing, and sometime I enjoy a good cry too. Road trips are awesome with the hubs, and the two dogs out on the open road listening to the radio is an awesome place to be. I don't think there is anything comparable to a good mountain hike on a sunny day taking in that fresh air. I tend to be one to want to try and save the world first, take care of myself last. I think that you have to keep those that try and hold you back further away so you can keep going, and appreciating the blessing that you have in life, because life is truly beautiful, and you only get the chance to live. I believe sometimes people are come into your life for a certain season[s], and leave for others, there may never be an explanation but that's the beauty of life, there doesn't have to be an explanation.

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So, now that you know a little bit about me, we would love to have you come by the good ol' blog! Come by share a laugh, a cry, some inspiration or just a little bit of life, over here at a perfect dose of life! If you do come by, please leave a comment, as I would love to come and see your space in the internet world to thank you for coming by mine!


FromTheHeartsOf said...

Cute blog! I am your newest follower.

Renee Ann said...

I'm following Simple Sweetness from the blog hop! Hope you'll pay me a visit at Doorkeeper when you come back :)

Bossy Betty said...

It was fun to learn more about you!

Russo said...

This is a stunning line-"that's the beauty of life, there doesn't have to be an explanation."
I am SO writing that down on my quote board.

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